Marywood University Policy & Procedure Information

Violent Acts and Threats

Policy Statement

Marywood University is committed to maintaining an environment that avoids exposure of staff, students, and visitors to foreseeable risks and prevents unnecessary damage to University property. If violent acts occur or threats of violence are perceived on campus or on other property controlled by the University, decisive action will be taken immediately to limit the potential for further development.

The Senior Director of Safety, Security and Environmental Compliance is responsible for ensuring that federal and state laws regarding crimes and offenses and University regulations related to a safe environment are enforced. She/he has the authority to determine whether circumstances surrounding the behavior constitute a credible threat or act of violence, and to inform law enforcement authorities in the case of an alleged violation of public law. Calls to 911 by others in obvious emergency situations must be reported to the Chief of Campus Safety and the Senior Director of Safety, Security and Environmental Compliance as soon as possible.

A Marywood University student, faculty, or staff member in violation of this policy will be subject to University disciplinary policies and procedures up to and including termination.


For purposes of this policy, threats and acts of violence include but are not limited to

  • Repeatedly swearing or using abusive or offensive language toward others;
  • Intentionally damaging property;
  • Verbalizing a wish or intent to hurt others;
  • Sending aggressive or threatening written, verbal, electronic, or visual communications;
  • Engaging in felony property damage;
  • Engaging in aggravated assault;
  • Possession, whether open or concealed, storage in or on personal or University property, delivery, transportation, use, sale, purchase or receipt of a weapon on University property.


In the event of an act or threat of one that appears to be violent, the Chief of Campus Safety is to be notified as soon as possible. Threatening behavior is complex, and it is not expected that students, faculty, or staff will be experts in assessing it. If the Chief of Campus Safety is not available, the Director of Safety, Security and Environmental Compliance shall be notified.

The Emergency Response Plan and Personnel Manual for the Campus Safety Department are maintained in the Office of Campus Safety.

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12/07/01 - Approved by the President of the University as recommended by the University Committee on Policy
01/30/06 - Cyclical review approved
04/29/11 - Revision approved by the President of the University as recommended by The Policy Committee of the University