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Statement of Responsiblity Re Confidentiality of Student Records

Policy Statement

All persons who are employed at Marywood University are governed by the same institutional policy regarding confidentiality and security of students' records. The Marywood University policy is consistent with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as amended. The underlying premise of the law is that a student's records are confidential, and information contained therein should not be released to persons who are not authorized to view them.

Those persons who are authorized to access students' records guard against accidental or willful disclosure of confidential information through conversations outside the office, conversations within the office that might be overheard, and improper disposal of documents and reports. Passwords that permit access to data contained in the computerized Student System are kept in a secured place. Similarly, computers are protected from unauthorized access by signing off when stations are left unattended, and confidential information displayed on computers are protected from inappropriate view.

All rights with respect to a student's record belong to the student. Confidential information may be released by the University to a third party only with the student's written permission, and the University is obliged by law to retain the signed consent permanently.


A student record is defined as any information or data recorded in any medium, including hard copy, film, and electronics, concerning any individual who is or has been in attendance at the University.


Requests from third parties for confidential education records are referred to the Office of Academic Records.

Questions concerning the interpretation of the above statement or Marywood University's Family Educational Rights and Privacy policy should be referred to the Registrar of the University.

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11/30/90 - Approved by the President for distribution to new employees on date of hire