Policy Development, Approval, and Dissemination



Marywood University policies document the principles and procedures to be followed in various aspects of University life and, as such, are binding on members of the University community.  Policies become operational upon formal approval by the Board of Trustees or the President of the University as Chief Executive Officer.  Statements of policy approved by the President are consistent with policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and are within the limits established by the Board.

In a spirit of shared governance, the Board of Trustees and the President of the University welcome participation of all members of the University community in the development of policy.

The vice presidents of the University, as a group and as individuals, advise the President of the University.

The Policy Committee of the University acts in an advisory capacity to the President on courses of action

affecting more than one area of the University, i.e., Academic Affairs, Business Affairs, Student Life, and University Advancement;

or limited to one college or school but having implications for the total University, another area, or another college or school;

or affecting the objectives of the University;

or affecting the long-range development of the University.

The Secretary of the University serves to provide administrative support and direction for development and dissemination of policies, including maintenance of the Marywood University Polices and Procedures Manual.


Policies are guiding or governing principles, formally approved to provide assistance in the conduct of University affairs.

Procedures are statements that provide for the orderly implementation of established policies through prescribed specific actions to be taken.

Administrative Policies describe the terms or conditions of affiliation of administrators, faculty members, staff members, students, and visitors with the University; the use of the physical plant, i.e., buildings, grounds, and equipment; and other matters of a general nature.

Academic Policies are those that relate to the educational process and the academic portfolio of the University.

Student Life Policies concern the terms or conditions affecting student life as expressed in the mission statement of the Student Life area.

Board of Trustees Policies are those by which the Board of Trustees operates and governs itself, and policies involving the relationship of the Board to the President of the University as Chief Executive Officer.



A request for a new policy or revision of an existing one may originate with any member or group of the University community.  It is submitted to the appropriate vice president.


1.  The Vice President

reviews the proposal and determines whether, appropriately, it should move forward to the next step in the development process;
forwards it to the Secretary of the University for further development;
or notifies the originators that it will not move forward.

2.  The Secretary of the University

analyzes the proposal in terms of other existing policies;
discusses it with appropriate individuals;
edits and formats the proposed document;
prepares it for presentation to the Executive Committee of the Policy Committee of the University.

3.  The Executive Committee of Policy

considers the edited draft and any comments from reviewers;
determines if and by whom further review is necessary;
determines if and when it is to be placed on the agenda of the full Policy Committee of the University;
or, in an extraordinary circumstance, acts to recommend it directly to the President of the Univerity.

4.  The Policy Committee of the University

recommends the proposal to the President of the University as presented;
or recommends it to the President with comment for possible revision;
or sends it to the President noting lack of Policy Committee support.


The President of the University as Chief Executive Officer

approves or rejects the proposed policy or revision;
or refers it to the Board of Trustees for action.


If the policy or revision is approved, the President of the University initials the final draft and sends it to the Secretary of the University, who

enters it into the Marywood University Policies and Procedures Manual;
sees that it is published in the appropriate handbooks of the University;
notifies the Marywood community of the approval and the effective date.

If the policy or revision is not approved, the President of the University returns it with comment to the Secretary of the University, who

notifies appropriate persons of the status of the proposal.