Response to Violence at the Capitol

Dear Marywood Community,

One of the most poignant lines in the Marywood University Mission Statement calls upon the University to educate “global citizens to live responsibly in an interdependent world.” What we witnessed this week in our nation was an assault not only on the Capitol of our country and the democracy for which it stands but also upon principles that are the core of who we are as members of this university community living in an interdependent society. Marywood’s core values are a deliberate attempt to instill reverence for others in our hearts, to encourage thinking that is based in truth and reason, and to inspire ethical behavior in our relationships with others. Now more than ever, we need to cling to these values and the promises they contain.

For more than a century, Marywood has proudly formed and molded the lives of students to be leaders in communities throughout the country and indeed the world. I call upon all the members of our Marywood Community to be leaders who honor the rights of all people to express their individuality and differences peacefully and respectfully. I challenge you to be leaders who motivate others to do good in the face of the alternative.  I ask you to be leaders who denounce what defies justice and the common good; and I pray you will be leaders who reflect not only the noble aspirations of our country’s founding fathers but also the message of the Gospel of Jesus.

I know you join me in sadness as we contemplate the tragic events of last Wednesday. We mourn for those whose lives were forever lost, and we join the entire world in lamenting the violent momentary loss of freedom to enact our constitutional and democratic rights. May we learn a resolute lesson from a dark moment in history that it may never be repeated!

Sister Mary Persico, IHM, Ed.D.
President of Marywood University