Aviation and Human Factors Laboratory

McGowan 1062, 1063
Dr. Andy Dattel

Cognitive and Perceptual Sciences Laboratory

McGowan 1068
Dr. Edward J. Crawley

McGowan Center

The William G. McGowan Center for Graduate and Professional Studies offers a variety of resources for psychology and counseling students. Facilities in the McGowan Center support clinical training, development of multimedia training materials, student research, psychological testing, and electronic communication.

There are also lots of places to relax and socialize in the McGowan Center. When students aren't hard at work, they can often be found relaxing in one of the lounges or eating in the Atrium Diner.

The McGowan Center also houses the following general use laboratories:

  • Windows Computer Laboratory (McGowan 1056) housing 21 computers.
  • Curriculum Laboratory (McGowan 1052) that houses Macintosh computers equipped with education-related software.

Mindfulness Applied Cognitive Laboratory

McGowan 1072
Dr. C. Estelle Campenni

Neuropsychology Laboratory

McGowan 1062, 1063
Dr. Brooke J. Cannon

This laboratory provides access to neuropsychology assessment devices (e.g., the Halstead-Reitan Battery) and includes a dedicated testing room with one-way observation/video taping capability.

Personal and Academic Success Services (PASS)

McGowan 1061E-H
Brad Janey
570-348-6211 x2494

PASS was created by the Department of Psychology and Counseling in collaboration with the Office of Retention and Advising to provide free counseling services to undergraduate students with adjustment, academic, and career concerns. Counseling services are provided by graduate students enrolled in the Mental Health Counseling program under the supervision of a counseling faculty member.

Psychological Assessment Laboratory

McGowan 1052

This laboratory is housed in the Psychology Library and includes specimen sets of most currently used psychological assessment devices. Information about the specimen sets is available through the Marywood University Library system.

Psychological Services Center (PSC)

McGowan 1009
(570) 348-6269

A clinic providing mental health services to the community, training facilities in undergraduate, master's, and doctoral-level practica (one-way observation rooms for individual, group, and family therapies), videotaping facilities.

Psychology Library

McGowan 1052

This library is part of the Curriculum Laboratory and houses books, journals, and graduate school catalogs related to Psychology. Students are encouraged to use this library to support their research.

Shared Research Laboratory

McGowan 1061

This laboratory is used in collaboration with the Education Department and includes a group meeting room and eight individual research cubicles, most with videotaping and observational capacities. Each of the research cubicles houses a computer that allows students to run online data collection. In addition, these computers also house various word processing, multimedia, Internet and statistical software packages. Individual cubicles support online psychological testing programs, videotape editing and the creation of CD-ROM and other digital video training and research materials.

Stress and Coping Laboratory

McGowan 1064, 1064a
Dr. Edward J. O'Brien

This laboratory provides students with access to psychophysiology monitoring equipment (biofeedback, polygraph integrated with a computer interface), videotape editing, digital video, and CD-ROM authoring capabilities.