MPA Admissions Requirements

The online MPA is intended to serve managers of all sorts of public agencies, federal, state, and local, and those from the non-profit sector and international students/ professionals as well. The program is designed for several types of managers:

* Public, nonprofit or NGO executives who seek opporetunity to engage in structured study and reflection on contemporary theory and issues in public management and policy.

* senior professionals contemplating a career change who feel they might profit from acquiring an advanced degree and a depper understanding of public affairs.

* Managers on the verge of promotion into sewnior ranks who wish to upgrade and bring current their analystic, managerial and leadership skills.

* Mid-level managers and supervisors who want to advance their career and the growth of their organizations.


All application process will be completed online through Marywood University's Office of Admissions. An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning will be required. Other requirements include the following:

1. Online application (available through Marywood's Graduate Admissions)

2. Statement of Purpose (500-1000 words essay): Identify your educational goals and expectations from the program and your background. All applicants must also demonstrate if they had any experience in public or nonprofit organization that involves administrative skills in areas such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting or budgeting. Lack of administrative skills, however, will not impact your admissions but provide the program with useful information on how to provide you with internship projects once admitted to the program.

3. Professional Resume: Current resume that displays job responsibilities, relevant experience, and education history.

4. Two Letters of Recommendation: From individual(s) with either academic or professional knowlwdge of your capabilities, such as faculty member, current employer, mentor, or colleague.

5. Official Undergraduate Degree Documentation 

6. Proof of English Language Proficiency: Only for students for whom English is not their primary language and did not graduate from an English-taught university.

7. No gneral tests are required.

Moodle Training

The MPA program ujtilizes Moodle as its current delivery methods of courses. All students will be provided with training on Moodle and offered online or onsite workshops. A complete guide to Moodle is also listed at 

Admission Requirements for MHSA and MGer

  • The admissions application, two references and official transcript from previous educational programs, along with an essay describing the reasons why the applicant wishes to pursue a particular program.
  • The GRE is recommended but not required.

Visit the Graduate Admissions page for more information.