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Administrative Studies: <br />Master of Public Administration Curriculum

Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program

Total of 39 credit hours (or 42 credit hours for students who lack administrative work experience and need to take the internship course) plus the final research paper.

9 Core Courses (27 credit hours)
PUB 501: Dimensions of Public Administration (3 credits)
PUB 502: Problem-solving Methods for Modern Management (3 credits)
PUB 505: Financial Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)
PUB 506: Research Theory (3 credits)
PUB 507: Organizational Dynamics (3 credits)
PUB 508: Human Resources Administration and Personnel Systems (3 credits)
PUB 518: Policy and Program Analysis (3 credits)
PUB 519: Administrative Law (3 credits)
PUB 599: Practitioner's Seminar in Administration (3 credits) 

Final Research Study (0 credit hour)
PUB 555: Professional Contribution (0 credit)

Electives (12 credit hours)
Students can choose four elective courses from the following:

PUB 510: Organizational Communication (3 credits)
PUB 511: Ethics in Management (3 credits)
PUB 512: The Grantsmanship Process (3 credits)
PUB 513: Strategic Planning (3 credits)
PUB 522: State and Local Administration (3 credits)
PUB 523: Public Sector Labor Relations (3 credits)
PUB 552: Computer Application of Social Science Data (3 credits)
PUB 579: Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector (3 credits)
PUB 581: Issues of Governance in Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)
PUB 582: Fundraising in Nonprofit Organizations (3 credits)
PUB 583: Strategic Marketing (3 credits)
PUB 585: Program Assessment and Evaluation (3 credits)
PUB 598: Special Topics (intensive short courses, variable credit) 

Internship (3 credit hours)
PUB 596: Internship (only for students lacking administrative work experience)

School of Social Work and Administrative Studies, Liberal Arts Center-Terrace Level. (570) 348-6284.