Welcome to the graduate programs of the exclusive online Master of Public Administration (MPA), as well as the Master of Health Service Administration (MHSA), and the Master of Science in Gerontology (MS-GER).

We value public service and view their purpose driven by democratic and ethical paradigms to serve the public interest. We focus on civic engagement and public responsibilities on local, national and international levels and as part of a green movement. The curriculum combines theory with practical skills aiming to develop conceptual, analytical, and ethical applications for administrative problems in the public and non-profit sectors.

We provide helpful and relevant methodology that integrates theoretical elements with practical skills. With classes scheduled all online through Moodle for the MPA program (and after 6 PM for the MHSA and MGer programs), the curriculum is designed for full-time and in-career students who come from different geographical areas within the United States and the world and from a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds. By maintaining active involvement in public service, we create effective networking within the public and nonprofit sector while preparing students for leadership positions on local, state, national and international levels. Faculty expertise include all substantive policy areas which enable them to teach, advise, research, and serve both the profession and the community. Read more.