2016 Cooperative Grants Awarded!  Each to offer Undergraduate and Graduate Student Participation!

David Schappert, DirectorLibrary, Marywood University and Mark R. Murphy, Director Sustainability, University of David-ShappertScranton have been awarded $5,620 for their project titled, BikeScranton Bike Share Sustainability, Health, and History.  This project will expand the existing BikeScranton program to include Marywood University in addition to the development of excursions that will highlight environmental, cultural and historical features.

Mary Lynn Grayeski, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Science, Marywood University and Katherine Stumpo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Chemistry, University of Scranton have been awarded $10,000 for their research titled, Investigation of Electrochemiluminescence Generated by Nanomaterials for Potential Analytical Applications.  This project will allow for the expertise of Dr. Stumpo in nanomaterials and mass spectrometry, Dr. Grayeski's proficiency in luminescence and flow systems, and research grade instrumentation to further support both facilities' student education.  

christiansenSamantha Christiansen, Ph.D., Assistant Professor History, Marywood University and Jessica M. Nolan, Ph.D., Associate Professor Psychology, University of Scranton received $7,947 for their research titled, Talking About Race in the Classroom: Issues and Connections for University Faculty in Scranton.  Development of a workshop to provide educational curriculum relevant to university faculty and support staff that work with students on discussing and engaging issues of race in the classroom and other student encounters is the focus of this project.

Congratulahead_bodzio2tions Jessica Bodzio!   Murray Award for Research and Development Recipient for 2016

Jessica Bodzio, MS, RDN, LDN Clinical Assistant Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics, has been awarded the 2016 Murray Award for Research and Development for her research titled, Dietary Habits and Nutritional Deficits of Guatemalan Mothers currently Enrolled in the Child Health and Nutrition Program.

This award will allow for the continued development and research of a piloted program initiated this spring during a Marywood University service mission trip lead by Mrs. Bodzio, graduate student, Emma Shank and an interprofessional team of students who traveled to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala. The program aims to assist mothers whose children are enrolled in the Child Health and Nutrition Program that helps to combat malnutrition in Guatemala.

 Lukasak-AntoniacciUndergraduate Junior, Rebecca Lukasak, Biotechnology Presents Research at Harrisburg

Congratulations to Rececca Lukasak, Biotechnology and co-presenter, Dr. Lisa Antoniacci, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Science, who presented their research titled, Genome-Wide Expression Analysis of 3 Mutant Yeast Strains at the 2016 Undergraduate Research Day at the State Capital, Harrisburg, PA on April 5th and at the Lehigh Valley Molecular and Cellular Biology Symposium, DeSales University, PA  on April 21st. 

kathleengarrityNew - Student Researcher Profiles and Report of Presented and Published Research

Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) is proud to announce its newest web page: Researcher Profiles; Where Are They Now.  Undergraduate and Graduate students who have been or who are currently involved in research activities are encouraged to submit their profile online to inform the Marywood Community and general public of their research-associated activity.   It is a great way to link your academic research activity to your personal social media pages!

Faculty members involved in research are encouraged to submit a Report of Presented and Published Research.  Research-associated presentations and publications will be announced within the RSP web and social media pages allowing you to link your professional research-associated work to social media!

2016 UGRF group Student Research Highlighted at the 2016 Research Forum and Symposium

Congratulations to the nearly 100 students who presented their research results at the 2016 Research Forum and Symposium. In case you missed it, you can check out their abstracts using the live links above.

Nutrition & 2016-ABS-Guatamala-StarkDietetics Graduate Student Emma Shank and  Jessica Bodzio, Clinical Assistant Professor Conduct Research in Guatemala Over Spring Break

On March 6, 2016, along with an interprofessional team of students, Emma Shank (graduate student in the Nutrition & Dietetics Department) and Mrs. Jessica Bodzio (Clinical Assistant Professor in the Nutrition & Dietetics Department and faculty adviser) traveled to San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala for a medical mission. During the week, Emma trained a team of community Health Promoters to administer a customized Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) with Guatemalan mothers for the first stage of their research. After the training, Emma and Jessica visited with Guatemalan mothers to test the questionnaire. The purpose of this phase of the research was to assess and improve the questionnaire's effectiveness. The Health Promoters did an excellent job and provided much helpful feedback. Emma and Jessica are looking forward to furthering their research and continuing their work in the upcoming months

starkeyfoundationSpeech Language Hearing Student Clinicians to Conduct Head Start Screenings

Thanks to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, 350 hearing and 25 speech-language screenings will be conducted at Lackawanna County Head Start facilities by Marywood University Speech-Language-Hearing student clinicians and their supervisors. In addition, the grant will provide for Head Start teachers to be trained to recognize speech, language and hearing delays. Individuals identified with hearing loss and/or speech-language delays will be referred for early intervention that will lead to earlier diagnoses, treatment, and children better prepared for academic success. 


Dr. Helen Battisti, Nutrition Faculty Member Publishes Research

Congratulations to Helen Battisti Ph.D., R.D.N., C.D.N., Nutrition, for her published research titled “Change in Resident Weight Status Post Admission to Long-Term Care Facilities: A Population-Based Study”.  Published  in the Jacobs Journal of Gerontology 2015 and intended to provide a foundation study for future investigation, Dr. Battisti’s research involves residents change in weight after admission to long-term care facilities in the United States.  

soarstudents2014-2 (1)Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit 19 and Marywood Unversity Enter into Agreement

Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit (NEIU) 19 and Marywood University entered into an agreement that will see eight students enrolled in the Students On-Campus Achieving Results (SOAR) program. Now entering its seventh year, SOAR is the first program of its kind and is designed to increase the opportunities of successful competitive employment and higher education experiences for high-functioning students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The Margaret Briggs Foundation Works with Marywood Students to Provide Language Stimulation Groups for Local Pre School Children 

Funding received from the Margaret Briggs Foundation will be used by Marywood University’s Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic over three semesters to conduct language stimulation groups at Head Start centers in Lackawanna County. The groups are designed to stimulate speech and language skills for preschool children ages 3-5 years in a fun learning environment which also includes increased peer interaction to further assist with pragmatic development. Head Start teachers will be trained on how to incorporate similar activities into the classroom setting to stimulate language skills throughout the academic year.


Marywood’s R-VETS Program Offers Financial Literacy Workshop to Veterans and Their Families

Marywood University’s R-VETS program (Renewal-Veteran Education and Transition Services) recently received a grant from the Prudential Foundation to help fund the Financial Literacy program for veterans and their families. The Financial Literacy program provides knowledge and strategies for good money management by empowering student veterans to make financial decisions through activities focusing on budgeting, use of credit cards, debt management, saving and investment strategies, financial planning for future consumption, and how to avoid financial fraud and scams.  Five student sessions will be offered to veterans and their families between fall 2015 and summer 2016. For more information please visit www.marywood.edu/veterans/rvets/ or call Ashley Woodward, PACC Vista, R-VETS Coordinator, at (570) 961-4746.

SPIN, A Funding Research Tool Now Available to all Marywood Faculty, Staff, and Students

Marywood University faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to use SPIN to assist with funding searches.  Campus access is available without an account, if searching while off campus simply register for an account!  SPIN offers both active searching and automated opportunity matching and daily opportunity notifications and contains over 40,000 opportunities from more than 10,000 global sponsors.  Training videos are available for new users