Kenia Sedano Garduno

Graduate Assistant, Marywood University

Participating in the Undergraduate Research forum in Harrisburg was a great opportunity to further develop my research and technical skills that I had acquired over the years as an undergraduate student. It gave me the opportunity to network and collaborate with other students that shared my interest in research. With the support of Dr. Brian Monahan, we were able to identify an issue, conduct extended research and present our findings to an audience, including Senator, John Blake.

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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs assists Marywood University faculty, staff, and students as they work to identify internal and external funding sources for research based programs or projects.  

Internal Funding Opportunities

Several types of internal funding opportunities are available to faculty and graduate students through Marywood University's Internal Funding program. Please submit all requests for internal funding electronically to Dr. Laura Ann Camlet Houser at

External Funding Opportunities

SPIN is a web-based search tool that helps to locate current external funding opportunities and may be accessed while on campus. Creation of an individual (free) account will allow the researcher access to SPIN wherever there is Internet access.  SPIN's features include key word customized and saved searches as well as updates and approaching deadlines for specific funding opportunities.  Email  Ryan Houser, Research Administrator at  to request a SPIN account and login information.  Let ORSP assist your external funding search.

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Additional opportunities for faculty 

Additional Information

The ORSP’s Facebook events page lists upcoming due dates relating to faculty and student external research, travel, and presentation opportunities
Helpful links provides links to information that may assist with your grant proposal development.