2016 UGRF groupMarywood University's annual Undergraduate Research Forum and Graduate Research Symposium recognize student research by offering the opportunity for students to present their unique research in paper or poster format.  Located in the Rotunda, the 2017 Undergraduate Research Forum will be held on Wednesday, April 19th and the  Graduate Research Symposium will be held Thursday, April 20th.

STUDENTS:  Please note that researchers involving human participants should have applied to and been approved by Marywood University's Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Exempt Review Committee (ERC).

Marywood University is a proud member of the Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) since 2008.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students who conducted research resulting in original work in addition to students funded by the Undergraduate Research Review Committee are invited to present their research at the annual Research Forum held each Spring.  The Undergraduate Research Review Committee promotes undergraduate scholarly activity and provides funding for student research projects.

Hard copy applications must be submitted to Erin Sadlack, Ph.D. in LAC 217 AND electronically to muhonorsprogram@gmail.com by Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

Abstracts Guidelines

2017 Application Form (Word)
2017 Application Form (PDF)

Programs and Abstracts

2013 Forum
2011 Forum

Contact Erin Sadlack, Ph.D. at easadlack@marywood.edu for additional information.

Graduate Students

The Marywood University Graduate Research Symposium provides graduate students opportunity to present their research experience.  The Graduate Research Symposium provides an opportunity for students and faculty to interact in a professional scholastic environment.

Faculty should submit copy ready abstracts electronically to marywoodgraduatesymposium17@gmail.com by Friday, April 1st. 

Programs and Abstracts

Contact Bruce A. Wisenburn, Ph.D. at bwisenburn@marywood.edu, for additional details.or questions.