Room Encore Process

The Room Encore Process enables residents to request to return to their current room location for the upcoming academic year.  Residents who are approved for this option will not participate in the General Room Selection Process.


  • Students must be eligible for the location.
  • The space must be available (Loughran, Emmanuel, McCarty, and Perpetual Help Halls; areas in current Themed Housing Communities; rooms suited with RA rooms; Woodland residences 5 and 6; Woodland residences containing RA rooms; and ADA rooms in any building are not eligible for Room Encore for the 2015-2016 academic year).
  • All spaces within the room must be filled, such as two people for a double occupancy room or five people for the deluxe suites in Madonna Hall.
  • The Room Encore Application must be submitted by March 27, 2015.
  • Signed Housing and Dining Agreements, Housing and Dining Preference Forms, and copies of the $300 housing deposit receipt must be submitted with the Room Encore Application.


Tip: If your current roommate is not returning, you may select another eligible person as a new roommate.


  • Submission of a Room Encore Application does not guarantee approval.
  • All students approved for Room Encore must be registered for Fall 2015 courses in order to retain the housing assignment; failure to register for courses by April 14, 2015 will result in removal from housing and the open space will be offered at the general room selection.
  • Residential students are required to have a full-time, 12 or more credit, course load in order to move in to 2015-2016 housing assignments.  


Room Encore Timeline:

Date Task
  March 27
  Applications due in the Housing and Residence Life Office, Tony Domiano Center for Student Life
by April 10
Students will be notified of their placement status via e-mail