Keys/ ID Cards

Residence Life

Residents in Emmanuel Hall, McCarty Hall, and Perpetual Help Hall, may be issued a metal room key (and building key, when applicable). The resident is responsible for returning the key(s) upon check-out.

Residents in Loughran Hall, Madonna Hall, Regina Hall, and the Woodland Residences utilize their student ID cards and a personalized pin number to gain entry into their buildings and rooms. Immaculata Hall residents utilize their student ID cards for building entry.


Both metal keys and student ID cards which are encoded for building and/or room access are considered to be keys. Keys may not be duplicated or be given to any other person than the resident of the room.

Lost keys

Once a key is believed to be missing, it must be reported immediately. During normal business hours, M-F, 8:30am - 4:30pm, key changes can be reported to the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 570-348-6236. Outside of these hours, key changes can be reported to Campus Safety at 570-348-6242. Once the key and core changes begin, the appropriate fees will be applied and cannot be rescinded. Room keys will be billed a minimum of $50. In the event of a lost building key, the student will be billed a minimum of $50 per core plus $5 per key. Please note: some buildings have more than one access point that would need new cores. Mailbox key replacements cost a minimum of $35 per key.


A resident who locks him/herself out of the bathroom needs to contact Campus Safety at (570) 348-6242, to be let back in their rooms. Please note, Campus Safety Officers must respond to a number of campus issues. Therefore, the immediacy of their response time cannot be guaranteed.