Courtesy and Quiet Hours

Residence Life

University Housing Policies

Failure to observe these and all other regulations described in the University Calendar/Student Handbook, the Resident Handbook, the Residence Hall Housing and Dining Agreement, or other documentation may result in disciplinary charges, fees, and/or other actions.

Courtesy and Quiet Hours

Residents have primary responsibility for maintaining reasonable conditions for study and sleep in the University Housing. With this in mind, certain behaviors are prohibited based on their disruptive nature. These include:

  • Noise from the residence halls that disturbs classes and/or other normal University activities.
  • Speakers playing in or near windows to amplify sound to the outdoors.
  • Screaming and/or yelling in hallways, stairwells, outside windows, etc.
  • Sports activities in the hallways.
  • Slamming doors.


The Office of Housing and Residence Life has established minimum courtesy and quiet hours:

  • Courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day.
  • Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m., Sunday through Thursday, and Midnight to 10 a.m., Friday and Saturday.


During courtesy hours, students are asked to be considerate of the needs of others at all times and to comply with requests for maintaining a reasonable level of quiet. Ideally, students will continually monitor their own behavior so that confrontations are unnecessary. During quiet hours, noise must be reduced so that sounds cannot be heard more than two doors down the hall, or equivalent distance. In addition, a 24-Hour Quiet Period is in effect prior to and during final examinations. This is designed to provide residents with an atmosphere conducive to preparation for examinations, if they desire to study in the residence halls. The 24-Hour Quiet Period will be active during the Fall and Spring semesters, beginning by the day before the first day of scheduled finals.