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Students On-Campus Achieving Results (SOAR) was founded by Marywood University and the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit (NEIU) in 2008. The first program of its kind, SOAR provides an age-appropriate environment in which high-school age students with Autism Spectrum Disorder can prepare for competitive employment and learn to live independently.

How It Works

SOAR students spend half of their day at Marywood in classes taught by NEIU teachers. Instruction focuses on independent living, communication, life skills, and career education.

The rest of the day is spent in vocational placements that pair students with Marywood staff. SOAR students work in housekeeping, food services, maintenance, the library, information technology, grounds keeping, and the print shop.

Program Components

  • Real-World Job Training
  • Life Skills Education
  • Family Involvement & Collaboration
  • Marywood Student Involvement
    • A graduate assistant facilitates the program.
    • Undergraduate education students act as job coaches and mentors.
    • Graduate psychology and education students help SOAR students develop social skills.
  • Research
    • Graduate and doctoral students conduct research for their thesis and dissertation.
    • Faculty members utilize the program as a research on program evaluation, social skills, and integration of universal design principles