"Nothing could be worse than the fear that one had given up too soon."

Jane Addams

Field Education

In addition to traditional classroom courses, the MSW program at Marywood places great emphasis on the experiential learning through field placements, which provide hands-on experience in real-world social service settings.

Students are required to spend a total of 920 hours in field placements, over 4 semesters, acquiring progressively more developed and sensitive skills in helping people as "beginning professionals." Field placements must be taken concurrently with core practice methods courses, since the primary objective of field experience is to integrate theoretical content with practice.

Please note that students with advanced standing status must complete three semesters of field education for a total of 720 hours. Advanced standing students who choose summer field placements will spend 24 hours per week in field placement during the summer.


We'll help you select a field placement that meets your interests, in a location that's accessible. If you work full-time, we can help you find a placement that's convenient for you.

Our School of Social Work places students in agencies throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey, providing every type of social work practice.