Graduate Assistantships / Work Study

Work-study field placement allows graduate social work students to utilize field learning opportunities at their social service employment sites as their field placement setting.

This option may be available for those who work in agencies able to provide the equivalent of two days a week social work experience that is different from the student's employment responsibilities. The agency should provide a field instructor with an M.S.W. and two years post-master's experience, who is not the student's regular work supervisor. The student must have been employed by the agency for one year.

Approval for work-study is based upon the Field Education Department's evaluation of a comprehensive plan submitted by the student and the agency. Ordinarily students may take no more than one work study field placement.


International Study Opportunities

Marywood University School of Social Work offers M.S.W. students opportunities for international social work with various agencies. To qualify, a student must have completed the equivalent of half of the M.S.W. program, be returning the following September, and have a QPA of 3.50 or higher. The placement agencies have education and experience requirements. The positions are all volunteer, and travel and any other costs are at the student's own expense. The following September, the student registers to complete an independent study under the supervision of a member of the SSW faculty, based upon some aspect of the international experience. The independent study fulfills an elective requirement. To balance the extra costs of travel, Marywood University charges students for only two of the three credits in their international independent study.

It is possible to earn field education credit in an international placement. The requisite coursework may be arranged to be taken concurrently at a university in the country where the student is placed. Placement can be developed for well-qualified students in a variety of international settings, but fluency in the language of the client system of the field placement is essential.