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Character Development

Character Counts!
One of the best internet sites for information on character education resources and activities. CHARACTER COUNTS! is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonsectarian coalition of schools, communities and nonprofit organizations working to advance character education by teaching the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Characted Education
Character education is defined as a type of education that teaches good character traits, or virtues. These are traits that will help people to make the right decisions during their youth on into adulthood. In addition, these are traits that will make them better members of society. Traits that are commonly taught as a part of character education include responsibility, compassion, honesty, perseverance, respect, and courage.

Content of Our Character
A vision statement compiled by 50 young Americans who met in l998 and through continued discussions developed a document which can be used for discussion and reflection on ethical leadership and character today. Sponsored by the Kenan Ethics Center at Duke University, the Content of Our Character Project is a nationwide initiative designed to facilitate substantive, public deliberation on ethics and leadership. The initiative was borne with the simple aims of affirming and cultivating a demand for ethical leadership, as well as placing ethics at the forefront of public and private discourse. Igniting dialogue across America, the Content of Our Character Project has provided public spaces for citizens to test ideas and learn from one another, while exploring contemporary ethical challenges. The original and continuing mission remains: to foster dialogue, encourage teaching, and communicate ideas on matters of ethics.
This website offers a wealth of free character education resources for teachers. You'll find discussion questions, writing assignments, learning activities, opportunities for moral action, and lots of teacher support material.

The LeaderShape Institute is a six-day leadership development experience designed to help participants learn to "lead with integrity." At The Institute, everyone is both a teacher and a learner and through The LeaderShape Institute you'll discover how to make exceptional improvements in an organization, workplace, or community.

Self Knowledge Symposium
Organizes conferences and runs a journal that gives students a vehicle for expressing their spirituality.

Young Politicians of America
The Young Politicians of America is a non-partisan, non-profit organization founded to expand the democratic experience to the youth of our society. Our goal is to further democracy, participation in government, and good citizenship. Through nationwide clubs, the YPA continues to spread its word of youth empowerment by combining community service and political inquiry.

Association of World Citizens
"Join with us as World Citizens to build the 'Splendid City' (Global Village) for the 21st century. Together let us create a 'Culture of Peace' to replace the 'Culture of War and Violence' that has marred this century."

Institute for Global Ethics
The Institute for Global Ethics' Vision: A world where shared moral values shape relationships, determine decisions, and guide actions for every individual, institution, and nation. The Institute for Global Ethics' Mission is to promote public discourse and practical action around significant ethical issues by: Discovering and defining the global common ground of shared values; Establishing clear structures for moral reasoning and ethical decision making; Promoting the teaching of Ethical Fitness in the practices of private, institutional, and civic virtue; Analyzing trends, gathering and disseminating information; and developing new knowledge about global ethics; Being a model organization in effectiveness, outreach, efficiency, and ethical action.

The Virtues Project
The Virtues Project is an initiative that began in 1991 to empower individuals and families to live by their highest values. It was inspired by the desire to do something to counteract the rising violence in and around families. The Vision of The Virtues Project is to serve humanity by supporting the moral and spiritual development of people of all cultures, by helping them to remember who they really are and to live by their highest values.

The Mission of The Virtues Project is to provide empowering strategies that inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life through programs of excellence and simplicity which support people of all ages to cultivate their virtues -- the gifts of character.

Leadership Development

The following Leadership Links are provided as a service of Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development and are provided as a service and do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation from Marywood University of any website/company.

American Leadership Forum - (ALF) is a non-profit organization national in scope, dedicated to joining and strengthening established leaders in order to serve the public good. It enhances leadership by building on the strengths of diversity and by promoting collaborative problem solving within and among communities.

Center for Creative Leadership - The mission of the Center for Creative Leadership is to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide.

Emerging - is a user driven site which serves both as a sounding board for fresh leadership ideas and a repository for lessons learned and experience gained.

EnVision Leadership - To advance leadership education through interactive training and curricula that inspire students to serve their communities and lead with purpose.

FOCUS Training - FOCUS Training is a leadership development company that uses interactive workshops to physically and mentally engage participants in the learning process.

Global Institute- the Global Institute is an organization dedicated to giving students opportunities to develop leadership skills within the global community.

The Heartland Center - An independent, nonprofit organization developing local leadership that responds to the challenges of the future.

Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Foundation (HOBY) - HOBY provides lifelong leadership development opportunities that empower individuals to achieve their highest potential.

INROADS - The mission of INROADS is to develop and place talented minority youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership.

The International Leadership Association - (ILA) is the global network for all those who practice, study and teach leadership. They promote a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practices for the greater good of individuals and communities worldwide. Provides Workshops.

Jepson School of Leadership - The Jepson School will develop people who understand the moral responsibilities of leadership and are prepared to exercise leadership in service to society.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation - Nonprofit organization whose mission is to apply knowledge to solve the problems of people and has continuously focused on building the capacity of individuals, communities, and institutions to solve their own problems.

Leadership Communication - This site is dedicated to the understanding and practice of communication that moves others to committed action.

Leadership Self Coaching - Ready to move to the next level? Improve business results? Achieve stress-free success while maintaining a sense of life balance and well-being? Coached to Success leadership insights share knowledge and provide the executive insurance plan to get where you want to be.

Leadership University - Leadership U is a "one-stop shopping superstore" in the marketplace of ideas and a searchable collection of resources and interactive opportunities.

Learning-Org Dialog on Learning Organizations - A "Learning Organization" is one in which people at all levels, individually and collectively, are continually increasing their capacity to produce results they really care about.

Linkage INC. - Private Consulting Leadership Training Firm - global organizational development company that specializes in leadership development.

The National Academy for Academic Leadership - Educates academic decision-makers to be leaders for sustained, integrated institutional change that significantly improves student learning.

National Outdoor Leadership School - The NOLS community -- its staff, students, trustees, and alumni -- shares a commitment to wilderness, education, leadership, safety, community, and excellence. These values define and direct who we are, what we do, and how we do it.

National Society for Experiential Education - The National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) is a membership association committed to all forms of experiential learning - whether they happen in the classroom, workplace, or community.

PSI Seminars - A successful life is within the grasp of any person. Most people know this, but they must be willing to be educated.

Rocky Mountain Institute for Leadership Advancement - The Rocky Mountain Institute for Leadership Advancement specializes in student affairs. Through the creation and implementation of various program activities, including workshops, publications, and consulting, the Rocky Mountain Institute for Leadership Advancement provides individuals with a foundation for both personal development and professional direction.

Side By Side Leadership - We are a community of leaders dedicated to achieving phenomenal results. We do this by using the Side by Side Leadership model and practices based upon 3,000 research studies.

Strategic Leadership Associates - Offers a Bibliographic Listing to expand your knowledge of leadership related materials.

US Service Academy Leadership - Using leadership principles taught and practiced at West Point and the Naval Academy, this performance improvement company conducts in-house training programs and workshops to develop leaders who accomplish goals and achieve business results.

weLEADInc - We are chartered as a non-profit organization dedicated to advance the understanding and education of organizational and personal leadership. weLEAD is committed to the ideal that great leaders are forged by knowledge, opportunity and experience.

Volunteer Leadership

Center for Civic Education - The mission of the Center for Civic Education is to promote an enlightened and responsible citizenry committed to democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy in the United States and other countries.

The Greenleaf Center for Servant-Leadership - Our goal is to help people understand the principles and practices of servant-leadership; to nurture colleagues and institutions by providing a focal point and opportunities to share thoughts and ideas on servant-leadership; to produce and publish new resources by others on servant-leadership; and to connect servant-leaders in a network of learning.

America's Promise - The Alliance for Youth - We are dedicated to assuring that all young Americans have caring adults in their lives, as parents, mentors, tutors, coaches; safe places with structured activities in which to learn and grow; a healthy start and healthy future; an effective education that equips them with marketable skills; an opportunity to give back to their communities through their own service.

The Institute for Servant Leadership - An educational ministry grounded in the understanding that the servanthood of God was manifested in the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth

Women & Leadership

Advancing Women in Leadership - Represents the first on-line professional, refereed journal for women in leadership. The journal publishes manuscripts that report, synthesize, review, or analyze scholarly inquiry that focuses on women's issues.

The National Education for Women's Leadership Program - Preparing the next generation of women leaders and shaping leadership that breaks the mold of "politics as usual."

Center for Gender and Leadership - Promotes women's studies programs and progress and provides archives documenting women in leadership and education.

Asian Pacific American Women's Leadership Institute - Address the challenges facing Asian American and Pacific Islander women and to nurture trusteeship within our communities.

Leadership America, INC - Leadership America, INC is a national, not-for-profit organization that recognizes, educates and connects accomplished and diverse women to increase their individual and collective impact globally.


CoachVille Annual Conference - CoachVille provides coach training for all levels of coaches through its ten schools in the Schools of CoachVille, corporate coaching programs and live events.

Find a Coach - Assist people to identify specific goals and then reach those goals faster and with ease.

Coach Inc. - Evolve for the purpose of sharing core coaching competencies and skills

Life Coaching Training Institute - Coach training school specializing in training helping professionals (counselors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, human resource professionals, educators) to transition into life coaching.

Personal Mastery Programs - PMP is a team of Leadership Coaches who have committed their lives to transforming organizations through personal growth.

Student Leadership Programs

National Clearinghouse on Leadership Programs - The National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs, through the development of cutting edge resources, information sharing, and symposia, supports leadership development in college students by serving as a central source of professional development for leadership educators and also works to connect leadership educators to one another and support those developing leadership programs in their communities.

LeaderShape - LeaderShape is a commitment to leading with integrity that results in extraordinary change. It's intense fun in a relaxed learning environment. And lessons learned in a minute that you'll remember for the rest of your life.

Omicron Delta Kappa - The Omicron Delta Kappa Society is the national leadership honor society for college students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni that recognizes and encourages superior scholarship, leadership, and exemplary character. Membership in ODK® is a mark of the highest distinction and honor.

National Association for Campus Activities - NACA links the higher education and entertainment communities in a business and learning partnership, creating educational and business opportunities for our student and professional members.

University of Georgia - The Fanning Institute for Leadership serves people who desire to improve leadership by mastery of self, mastery of relationships and mastery of action through education.

University of Buffalo - The Leadership Development Center helps students develop leadership knowledge and skills to achieve their goals and make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Depaul University - (SLI) at DePaul University is the university's response to students' requests to learn the principles and techniques of effective leadership.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Promotes effective leadership and citizenship through experiential learning, training, and resources.

Northwestern University - The ULP is an academic certificate program that uses coursework, retreats and self-study to create a community of students interested in learning about, practicing, and reflecting upon their leadership skills.

Miami University of Ohio - To develop the leadership potential in all students for the global and interdependent world of the future.

RPI (Rensselear Poly Technical Institute) - Provides skill-based, interactive leadership education for the Rensselaer students and community that complements the Institute's educational mission. We work with our colleagues and corporate partners to promote leadership practices that foster teamwork and integrity in professional and personal development.

Santa Clara University - The Center is dedicated to providing high quality leadership education through Leadership Programs and Student Organizations in an integrated academic environment.

NC State University - Assessment of internet resources for higher education.

Congressional Youth Leadership (CYLC) - Offers education leadership conferences for outstanding young people from across the country and around the world, providing them with exciting enrichment opportunities and authentic leadership laboratories. The Council's programs are designed to inspire today's outstanding youth to reach their full leadership potential.

Leadership Conferences

The Leadership Institute - If you want to be a winner in politics you'll want to attend the Leadership Institute's programs.

Leadership Quotations

Daily Inspiring Quotes - Inspirational quotes on leadership.

Inspirational Quotations - Quotes that will give you greater insight into qualities that leaders have.

Heart Quotes - Quotes and proverbs about leadership.

Leadership Newsletters

Academy of Educational Leadership Journals

Center for Creative Leadership e-Newsletter

International Leadership Association's Newsletter

Journal of College Character

Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies

Journal of Leadership Education

Leadership Review

Student Leader Magazine

The Journal of Reseach on Educational Leadership

The Leadership Organization Developmental Journal

The Leadership Quarterly