[Dr Amy Paciej-Woodruff]Dear Students: Welcome! 

As we begin the 2017-18 academic year, it’s a pleasure to greet and remind you that the Student Handbook is accessible only in electronic form. Marywood is an interdependent community where students care about each other.

The expectations of all in the community are stated clearly in the Student Handbook and you are encouraged to read the policies and regulations carefully. All students – undergraduate and graduate, full and part-time, should know, understand and follow the guidelines developed collaboratively by students, faculty, and staff to assure that all behavior continues to influence the community positively and enables all to achieve their individual goals.

Pay close attention to the varied learning, leadership development and service opportunities available. As you clarify your goals, include time to become involved and ultimately lead some aspect of life on campus. Getting engaged through active participation in Marywood’s clubs and organizations, community service, performance and publication groups, athletic teams, honor societies, etc. described at: www.marywood.edu/clubs/ will serve you well. Research shows that students who are engaged on campus achieve at a higher level academically, are most satisfied and their talents, skills, and interests often are developed more fully. Furthermore, the long-term outcomes, the values, and life-skills developed, should be of lasting benefit as you begin a career and accept service and leadership opportunities in your future communities.

All calendar information including cultural, social, athletic and other programs of interest on and off-campus is updated regularly at: www.marywood.edu/studentactivities and www.marywood.edu/calendar and weekly listings of similar programs will be distributed via email. Check these resources regularly to learn more about events of interest on campus, in the city and the region.

Best wishes for a challenging and reward year!

Amy Paciej-Woodruff

Amy Paciej-Woodruff, Ph. D.
Assistant Vice President for Student Life