Student Handbook: Policies and Procedures

Student Life Policies

University Policies

Safety Procedures

  1. Identification Cards: Students are expected to carry their University identification cards at all times. Lending or duplication of identification cards is prohibited.
  2. Evacuation Drills/Alarms:Everyone must participate when an alarm is sounded in any University building. A student who fails to immediately evacuate may be fined a minimum of $250, based on the judgment of the Preliminary Hearing Officer.
    Students are directed to:
    1. Close windows and doors of rooms;
    2. Do not use elevators;
    3. Walk to a clearing away from the building;
    4. Report to the person in charge of attendance; and,
    5. Wait for a signal to re-enter the building.
  3. Facility Use: Use the physical facilities on campus only for their intended purpose.
  4. Safety Equipment: It is prohibited to start a fire or create a fire hazard; make an explosive device; create a false emergency; tamper with, damage, disable or misuse fire safety equipment.
  5. Guest Responsibility: students are expected to inform their guests of all University policies and procedures and are responsible for guest behavior.