Testing Procedures

Step 1: The student should schedule exams at least seven days in advance to allow time for the Office of Student Disability Services and the students’ professors to approve the request and ensure an available testing location. This process requires an active accommodation plan for the specific course. Within this time frame, the student should email disabilityservices@marywood.edu and include the professor of the course in order to utilize accommodations for the exam.

Step 2: Once accommodation requests have been submitted, the student should ensure that they have received a completed accommodation plan via Marywood email as a PDF with all signatures included (the student, the professors and Kaitlin Anderle). Note: if the student has not received a completed accommodation plan, they should contact Kaitlin Anderle, Director of Student Disability Services, (kaanderle@marywood.ed) immediately.

Step 3: The student will log into www.marywood.edu/accommodations with the username and password provided by Marywood. If the accommodation plan is complete, the screen will show “Schedule Test” or “Schedule Exam” instead of “Request Accommodations”.

Step 4: The student should select the exam scheduling option by clicking “Schedule Test” for that specific course.

Step 5: The student will input the following information: requested day to take the exam, requested time to take the exam, and specify if a computer is required to take the exam. The student should also specify the reason for the computer in the drop down box.

Step 6: The student will submit the request and will subsequently receive an email confirmation that the request has been submitted.

Step 7: The student will receive a final confirmation email that the test has been approved by Student Disability Services and the professor.

NOTE: For online classes or online exams, students should communicate with the professor individually to come up with a plan. The student should contact the professor in advance to ensure that appropriate changes can be made in Moodle to ensure that accommodation needs are met. 

On the Day of the Exam:

1. The student will report to their testing location, typically in the designated testing area in the Learning Commons (LC 162-163).
2. The student will check in with the work study student at the desk located next to the testing area, also located next to Kaitlin Anderle’s office (LC 166).
3. The student must put all personal items in the lockers adjacent to the testing center, INCLUDING their cell phones. Cell phones are to be put on silence to minimize distraction to others working in the library.
4. The only items the student is allowed to have on the day of the exam are writing utensils, a drink, a snack, and additionally permitted items depending on the test (calculator, formula sheet, etc.) The student should confirm with either Sr. Jane or the work study student that these items are permitted.
5. If the student has a question during the exam, they should ask Sr. Jane (LC 168). Note: if the student is a PA student, they must show their completed exam on their laptop to either the work study student or Sr. Jane. 

6. Once the student has completed the test, they should give the exam to the work study student who will put the exam and exam materials in the designated envelope. The envelope will be sealed, stamped with the designated Office of Student Disability Services stamp, and signed by the work study student on the enclosure. 

7. Once the envelope is sealed, it is the students’ responsibility to return the exam to their professor. Note: if the professor is not available, the exam can either be given to the department administrative assistant or Kaitlin Anderle, director of the Office of Student Disability Services.