Disability Services: Disability Documentation Guidelines

Documentation Guidelines

Information pertaining to a student’s disability is helpful in establishing the existence of a disability, understanding its impact, and making informed decisions about reasonable accommodations. This includes: 

  1. The student’s self-report to the Office of Student Disability Services during the initial intake interview and subsequent discussions;
  2. Relevant information gathered by the Office of Student Disability Services from observation, interaction with the student, and observation of others;
  3. External documentation from the professional(s) diagnosing the disability. This external documentation can verify the presence of a disability if not readily apparent and might include:
  • A clearly stated diagnosis of the disability or disabilities
  • A description of functional limitations resulting from the disability or disabilities
  • Educational, developmental and medical case history (this may include evidence of prior accommodation such as IEP, 504 plan, record of accommodations for standardized testing/SAT’s, etc.)
  • Method of evaluation, including testing instruments
  • Description of the specific accommodations recommended with rationale as to how the request is related to the impact of the disability

While there are no restrictions on the age limit of acceptable documentation, it is important that the description reflect how the condition impacts the student at the current time and under the current circumstances.

Marywood University will make every effort to grant equal access to qualifying students through the implementation of reasonable accommodations. Accommodations will be determined through a deliberate and collaborative process involving input from the student, professors, and the professional judgment of the Office of Student Disability Services. All decisions will be determined on an individual, case by case basis.

Students are encouraged to submit documentation in person to the Office of Student Disability Services in the Learning Commons Room 166. Students can also submit documentation by mail, fax, or email as follows:

Marywood University
Office of Student Disability Services
2300 Adams Avenue
Scranton PA 18509
Fax: 570.340.6073
Email: kaanderle@marywood.edu