How Your Gift Helps

Whether you contribute to the Marywood Fund, endow a scholarship, or direct your gift to a specific program, your generosity touches the lives of our students. Need proof? Read these stories about students who have benefitted from gifts from donors like you.

Thomas Flynn '22

"Throughout my life, my mom has taught me many lessons that align with the core values of Marywood...When it came time to decide where to go to college, I knew the choice was clear."
A Legacy Student, Thomas Flynn '22 followed in his mom's footsteps as he thrives and grows at Marywood.

Isabelle Jarrow '22

"Marywood has had such an influence on feels like home."
A talented student with a passion for genetic research, Isabelle balances school, work, extra-curriculars, and her faith while at Marywood.

Cathleen Bateman '19

"We can not fully experience the incredible impacts sparked at Marywood until we ourselves are truly prepared and open to let them into our lives."
Cathleen came to Marywood with a plan - and left with an understanding of her calling.

Tori Kaleycik '19

"Lead with compassion. Instead of judging at a person or situation with preconceived notions upon first interaction, choose to learn before making assumptions."
Marywood's commitment to service and faith helped Tori not just pursue her passion in Dietetics, but discover her true purpose of helping children and adolescents through nutrition education.

Brandon Morley '19

"Marywood is a place where everyone says hello, everyone holds a door, and everyone gets involved."
Brandon found a passionate, empowering community at Marywood that helped him succeed in his studies and grow as a person.

Laura Niederer '18

"Change is inevitable...embrace it and develop yourself along with it."
Laura Niederer, a Marywood scholarship recipient, reflected on how her time at Marywood helped her change and grow as a person.

Brandon Sodani '18

"I am the first in my family to attend college. When I walk across that stage at graduation, it will be a proud moment for me and my family."
Brandon is the first in his family to attend college. The importance of this achievement is not lost on Brandon.

Lizzy Bednar '18

"We help one another at Marywood. This motivates me to pay it forward and make a difference."
Lizzy Bednar plans to use her talents and the education she receives at Marywood to "pay it forward" - both through her career goals as well as through her involvement with the university.

Lauren Olsen '14 (M.S. '15)

"I have grown and evolved as a person at Marywood. I walked in as a shy and timid freshman and walked out as a leader with a Master's degree"
Lauren Olsen's fondest memories are the annual Christmas tree lighting, commencement, and the numerous volunteer projects she participated in.