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Please welcome and congratulate the folloing to their new positions on the Support Staff Senate:

  • Mauri Olivetti - President 2014-2015
  • Jamie Strong - Treasurer
  • Megan Musheno - Representative of Clerical and Secretarial Staff
  • The following people have accepted the positions as committee members within the Support Staff Senate:
  • Marianne Dobryzn - Hospitality Committee 
  • Megan Musheno, Jeanne Gerlach and Jennifer Washicosky - Concerns Committee 

Upcoming 2014 - 2015 Meetings


"Teamwork allows common people to attain uncommon results."

We have a Facebook Page! 

Please check it out and join "Marywood Support Staff Community"

The Support Staff Senate Executive Council is proud to announce the creation of a Facebook page for the Marywood Support Staff Community. Just type "Marywood Support Staff Community" in the search box on your facebook home page and become a member.

Our vision is that we would use this site for information about the support staff senate. For example, we just had a wonderful function at the Electric City Theatre and took a lot of pictures we couldn't wait to share. We will also use this site to list our upcoming events (meetings, tickets sales, bus trips, sporting events, etc).

But here's where you come in.....Feel free to post anything you think will be of interest to others.

Here's some ideas: 

  • I have puppies/kittens free to a good home 
  • I have a car for sale
  • I'm looking for a good plumber, anybody know one?
  • I have a great electrician - if you need one call ..........
  • I'm looking to give away a crib that's in excellent condition - interested?

I know I'd prefer buying something from someone I know from here than from the papershop, giving something I have to someone here instead of a stranger, or getting a referral from a fellow employee.

This site is intended to be a positive force for the Support Staff and will be monitored to insure that goal is achieved.