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                Support Staff Representation and Newly Elected

                • Mauri Olivetti - President
                • Allison Ranieri -  Vice President
                • Marcie Gaughan - Treasurer
                • Jamie Strong - Recording Secretary
                • Jeff D'Angelo - Representative of Security
                • Cheryl Kosydar - Representative of Building Services
                • Bev Mizanty - Representative of Secretarial Staff
                • Robert Lopes - Representative of Maintenance and Grounds
                • Marianne Dobrzyn - Hospitality


                 Upcoming 2018 Meetings

                Support Staff

                Spring 2018 General Assembly Meeting


                Thursday March 22

                10am – 11am, Swartz Center, McGowan Community Room


                Please make every effort to attend this meeting.


                1)  Welcome

                2)  Opening Prayer

                3)  Active Shooter Presentation- Mike Pasqualicchio, Campus Safety Chief & Wendy Yankelitis, Assistant Vice-President of Buildings & Grounds.

                 4)  Support Staff Senate Highlight

                a)  Senate Report

                ·       Mauri Olivetti –farewell address

                ·       Introduction of Executive Council for 2018-19

                ·       Treasury Report- $2908.32

                ·       Hospitality Report- NYC trip, WBS Penguins, Bake Sale.

                 b)    50/50

                c)    Questions & Answers

                d)    Adjournment


                Hospitality Events

                "Teamwork allows common people to attain uncommon results."

                March for Our Lives Event
                "March for Our Lives," which is the national march planned for 12 Noon on March 24th in DC. Currently there are 658 affiliated events scheduled worldwide, including our two official events here in Scranton:  March for Our Lives Interfaith Prayer Vigil on Friday the 23rd, and the 12 Noon March on the 24th. 
                If you need more information on either event, or wish to participate or volunteer, please contact Amelia Suraci at for more information on the March; for the Vigil, please contact me at


                Service Project Update

                The Filled with Care Project was a huge success! It would not have been possible without all of the support from YOU, the Senates and the Marywood Community. Thank you to everyone who donated and supported the cause to raise awareness for the Community Intervention Center's help for the homeless. The Service Committee was able to exceed the goal of initially donating 100 FILLED cinch bags with a hand written inspirational note, benefiting 50 men and 50 women. In addition, we received an overwhelming amount of items that can be distributed to help those in need at the CIC. On top of this, we received an abundance of toothbrushes and toothpastes! These will be given to the Blessed Sarnelli House in Philadelphia for people in need and to the Children's Advocacy Center through a program called Ready, Set, Brush! These donations spread the love all around!