Office Name Representing/Email Extension Term
President Mauri Olivetti Support Staff
6247 2016-2018
Vice President Jennifer Washicosky Support Staff
6063 2016-2018
Treasurer Marcie Gaughan Support Staff
6265 2016-2018
Representative Jeanne Gerlach Secretarial/Clerical
6264 2016-2018
Representative Cheryl Kosydar Building Services
Representative Jeff D'Angelo Security
6056 2016-2018
Representative Robert Lopes Maintenance/Grounds
Immediate Past President
Non-Voting Position

The following are appointed by the President of the Support Staff Senate

Office Name Email Extension Term
Recording Secretary Jamie Strong 6232 2016-2018
Parliamentarian Debra Muchal 6242
Treasurer Marcie Gaughan 6265
Pagemaster Bev Mizanty 6043