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                MOlivetti PicMauri Olivetti

                Support Staff Senate President
                570-348-6247, olivetti.m@marywood.edu

                To Marywood University Support Staff,

                I am honored and looking forward to having the opportunity to interact with you in my new role as Support Staff Senate president. I feel so fortunate to be working alongside all of you.

                As president, I will get to hear how the Support Staff is assisting administrators, departments, students, and parents. In these meetings it will be apparent the difference that all of you make in your day to day work here on campus; all of the various staff contributions (too many to list them all) are what makes Marywood University such a great place.

                In the background, the Support Staff is busy making plans to boost morale, take care of problems, and make the future better for Marywood University. We are like busy bees that are multi-tasking on a hundred things at a time. I get to hear the hum of that activity each day and it is heard by many. I am encouraged each day by all of you. My daily thoughts are sent out to be a positive message because Marywood University receives such positive energy from the contributions all of you are making. Together we will make a difference!


                Mauri Olivetti

                Support Staff Senate President



                "People say, What is the sense of our small effort? They cannot see that we must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time." - Dorothy Day