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Our new "Smart" template allows you to add a block underneath your navigation and have it appear on ALL pages of your site automatically. If you don't already have it, contact us to set one up. This is great for marketing important dates, deadlines, or event announcements.

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In this section you'll find helpful hints, tips & tricks to make your Marywood department website GREAT!

Getting Started

  1. Our first recommendation is always to contact a member of our web team! It's our job to help you, and if you have a big idea, we can likely make that happen for you. Don't be shy about writing or calling... although our office is filled with spiders, we don't bite.

  2. Check our our Web Design Showcase to see what we've been up to. Here you'll find our most recent projects and you may get some ideas for your own site from looking at it. Even if you just launched your site 6 months ago, you can still contact us to help you improve it. We're always learning new things, and get excited to work on making your ideas come alive.

  3. Browse other college and university websites for ideas! We know this sounds strange, but if you are the Admissions web content editor, check out the Admissions sites of other schools (both large and small). This can often give you great ideas to improve your own site.