Interested in learning more about dotCMS?

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dotCMS is the content management system we use at Marywood to edit our websites. There are many features that dotCMS has implemented to help make our lives easier as web content editors. Here's a listing of easy ways to put content onto your site. Click on the title to get more information on each.

Email Form

Create a form that displays on your website and e-mails the submissions to you.

FAQ (widget)

Create a Frequently Asked Questions accordion slider on your page.


A fieldset will surround important text on your page with a border and give you the option to make a bold heading along the box. It's very useful for callouts, deadlines, and important announcements.

File Repository

Use this code to display documents, such as PDFs, within a folder on your website as a nicely formatted list. This is useful if you plan to add additional documents to the page, or as an archive of newsletters, minutes, etc.

PDF Publish

Use this code to be able to convert the text on your webpage to a PDF document. It will leave a small PDF icon in the corner of the page so that users can click on it to convert to a PDF.

Photo Gallery

This photo gallery displays all your thumbnails in squares for a nice, neat presentation!

Random Image

Use this code to randomly display images from a specific folder on your page. Each time the page loads, a new photo will randomly be selected and placed on your page.

Striped Tables

Striped Tables are a way to keep the information on within a table on your website nice, neat, and easy to read by programatically reversing each table row with an alternate color.