1. Make a new contentlet and switch to Code Mode in the bottom left corner of the text box.
  2. Once you are in Code Mode, paste this: #youtube("")
  3. In a new window, go to YouTube.com and find the video you'd like to embed onto your website.
  4. Copy the numbers and letters at the end of the URL that follow the "v="
    copy video number
  5. Paste the number you just copied from YouTube.com in between the quotation marks.
  6. Save and Publish your contentlet.
  7. On the page, click the Add Content button, then choose Reuse content
    reuse content
  8. In the title field, type the word youtube and hit Search
  9. Select the contentlet that says "X youtube macro pousley"
  10. Make sure this contentlet is positioned above your #youtube code. This will embed your youtube video on your page, and also make it work on smartphones!