Squirrel Uprising

squirrel uprising takeover homepage

April Fool's Day Homepage

Marywood University received local and national media attention for the implementation of an April Fool’s Day homepage. Dubbed “Project 41", the April Fools’ prank was the cause unprecedented, record-hitting website visits and nationwide social media exposure for the University.

View April Fools website: Squirrels take over the Marywood home page
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Scranton Times – Sarah Hall did a feature story on the success of the Marywood Home Squirrel page. Sister Kathleen Burns, Mark Pitely, and Amy Fedele were interviewed about the work they did on the covert April Fool’s Day operation that attracted national attention. Sister Kathleen, Mark, and Amy have received congratulations from web colleagues at the University of Massachusetts Medical College, UC Berkley, and the University of Florida to name a few.

– The news director at WBRE-TV commented that the Marywood site was the hit of newsroom on April 1, with everybody logging on to see the squirrels. They ended their 6 o’clock newscast with a kicker about the Marywood homepage.

Marywood Magazine – "Squirrel Uprising" Garners National Attention