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The Marywood Directory offers several ways to find the person you are looking for.

In general, just start typing, and it should immediately narrow down to whomever you are looking for. Backspacing will undo this tightening. Typing 'amy' will display to you all 8 of Marywood's Amys (as of this writing). If you are not finding what you think you should, try backing up and trying something else - 'tony' will not show you all of Marywood's Tonys, try anthony for that!

Key Features:

  • Rolodex Behaviour : One letter means Last Name
    When there is only one letter to search on (from the menu across the top, or within the Find box) the system assumes you are looking for last names that start with that letter.
  • If you click on a letter in the blue alphabet across the top, it will display all the people whose Last Names start with that letter.
  • Search Behaviour : Hunt everywhere!
    Two or more letters searches across all fields (phone, department, office, etc.) so it might seem odd; you can specifically focus the search by hitting the field you want.

Read the Help Document Here