Showcase Detail

Music, Theatre, Dance

See it in Action


  • Shows one featured item at the top, controlled by choosing that event as "featured" in the content structure.
  • If there is no featured event, a rotating slideshow replaces the featured event at the top of the page
  • The 3 program boxes on the right are for music, theatre, and dance. The department can update the text displayed, the link the page goes to, and background image for each box.
  • The upcoming events on the left show 3 of the next events that are upcoming but will NOT show the "featured" event that's at the top of the page. 

Program Pages:

  • A flagged featured event will display on its respective program page (for instance, if the featured event is a theatre event, it will also display on the Theatre Programs landing page)
  • The featured event is followed by a rotating slideshow of program-specific images.
  • If there are no featured events associated with that particular program, a rotating slideshow of photos will display on the landing page.

Events Page:

  • Depending on the "type" of event, an icon appears for music (note), theatre (drama masks) and dance (ballerina).
  • Events can be filtered by type using the links at the top.
  • There are event date fields as well as a "remove date" field (i.e. the date it should disappear from the website).
  • Dropdowns with default locations for consistency in the way they are displayed. 
  • If there is information within the "description" field, the title of the event will underline and it will link to a detail page.