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The University Graduate and Undergraduate Catalogs have been combined to provide our students with a more seamless, easy to use website. The Catalog Website Offers:

  • Seamless Integration of Graduate, Undergraduate, and Doctoral information
  • More Visually Appealing Design
  • Dynamic Search Features
  • Searchable course listings that are updated with the Registrar's system

Seamless Integration

The new catalogs are integrated seamlessly between one another. On the main catalog display, click on any of the Filter By options to only show degrees available within that level of study.

The bars above the department name also correspond with the specified department colors from the filter:

  • Yellow for undergraduate degrees
  • Green for graduate degrees
  • Maroon/Red for doctoral degrees


As an undergraduate, if you choose to click on a specific department (i.e. Visual Arts), you can seamlessly transition to the graduate information for this program right from the department page.  The reverse (Graduate --> Undergraduate) is also true.

Visual Design

The new catalog website sports a visually appealing design, with more photos, and larger texts that's easier to scan and navigate.

Dynamic Search Features

Similar to our student landing page and employee landing page, the search features integrated into the catalog not only search the basic text on the page but also has been loaded with keywords in order to optimize the results. For example, from the main catalog page, there are no instances of Aviation for a search box to find. However, Marywood does have an Aviation program within the Business department. Using hidden keywords within the database, we're able to bring this program up in the search results.

Searchable Course Listings

At the bottom of every department right menu, there's a link to Course Listings. This will display all of the courses related to that particular department. And, you can search them!