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Majors by Interest

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Our Majors by Interests tool was developed to help students (and future students) choose their major based on personal interests, hobbies, and traits they have, rather than scouring our website to find a specific program. This is a really intuitive way to find information quickly and easily on our site.

The tool is set up using a "refrigerator magnet" concept. Little word magnets can be dragged from the left side of the page onto the fridge. Once a word is on the fridge, any major or minor flagged with that keyword will display on the right side of the page, including a link to more information about the program.

The tool also allows multiple words to be placed on the fridge at one time. For majors, this will more tightly narrow your results. For example, choosing only "art" will have more major possibilities than if you chose "art" and "computers". Adversely, for the minors the list is inclusive. It will include all minors with either "art" or "computers" as flags, giving the student a wider option of majors that might interest them.