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Employee Landing Page Redesign

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faculty landing page redesign

The Faculty, Staff, and Administration landing page has many of the features of the Student Landing Page redesign. These features include:

  • Trending This Week - This section is pulled dynamically from the actual Google Analytics data of the Marywood website.
  • Searchable Tabbed Resource Links - the search feature also includes keyword searching to make things easy to find!
  • What's on the Menu Today? - This button that pulls the Nazareth Dining Hall lunch menu.
  • Have you Seen? - This area features 1 random resource link from the staff resources link database.
  • e2campus alerts - displays announcements on the landing page for several hours. The alert section disappears if there are no announcements.
  • Snapshots - Although the content and the format is different from the student landing page, the employee snapshots section features information from key databases that are regularly updated. The currently featured sections are:
    • Aboretum - random trees/shrubs are featured
    • Art Galleries - current and upcoming exhibitions are randomly displayed
    • Employee Wellness - current and upcoming events are randomized
    • Memory Lane - a random archival photo is selected each time the user visits the page
    • Moodly in a Minute - a random Moodle tutorial will be featuerd
    • Music Theatre, and Dance - 3 upcoming performances will be displayed
    • New Faculty Spotlight - a random new faculty member will be featured.
    • Web Design Showcase - a random showcase item will be explained.
    • Popular Online Forms - after reviewing the Google Analytics data, we've flagged the most popular online forms to display on the landing page.