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Student Landing Page Redesign

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Trending This Week

The "Trending This Week" section is pulled dynamically from the actual Google Analytics data of the Marywood website. We've filtered out a lot of main landing pages and commonly accessed pages, and are displaying the most popular pages that have been accessed in a 7-day period. This gives students the ability to see what other people are looking at; whether it's a new art gallery exhibition, a popular news story, the Academic Calendar, or a form they should be filling out.

Searchable Tabbed Resource Links

Before the development of our tabbed resources section, the student landing page was very busy. Resource links were in the left navigation, in the center of the page, in the right column, and spread across three columns of the bottom of the page. The links were not categorized in any way other than alphabetically. Because of the multiple locations of links, students would have to search each section until they found what they needed.

Now, the links are databased and given a category. Some links are cross-referenced in multiple categories if appropriate. We've created an icon for each individual link, to give better visual recognition for each.

The design includes a "top" tab, which we used to flag the most popular links according to research the web team has done on the site's Google Analytics. This "top" tab may change throughout the year (for example, in April-May "Commencement" may be included in the "top" section because this is a timely topic during those months.

Last but not least, a fully responsive Ajax search box about the tabs give students the ability to quickly and easily find what they are looking for. No need to even click "search" or "enter", the search field automatically begins filtering the results as soon as you begin typing!


The Snapshots area of the landing page is a very dynamic feature that allows students to see what's happening right now around campus. We've leveraged other content structures that are frequently updated to give the students a random or upcoming event from various departments, such as Student Activities, Campus Ministry, Music, Theatre, and Dance, and Art Galleries. We were even able to extract featured stories from The Wood Word's blog. Each time a student visits the page, a random department will be chosen to be displayed on "top". Clicking through the "snapshots" will give students access to the other events from the departments we are featuring.

What's on the Menu Today?

This button on the right side of the page links to a pull of the Nazareth Dining Hall Lunch Menu. Students can find out what's on the menu quickly and easily, and bypass the 4-5 clicks it would take for them to find that information on the dining services website.

Have you Seen?

This area displays one random link from the Student Resources tabbed information. Because it is random, it gives something different each time a student visits the page and may feature a department or area of the website that they were not familiar with previously. We think the feature will expand student's knowledge of our website, and potentially show them useful information that they would otherwise not stumble upon.

e2campus Alerts

This section of the student landing page only appears when there are e2campus alerts. The alert will prominently display the information that was sent and keep students informed about important announcements on campus.