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The Month of Thanks page was created in November 2012 to give Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Parents & Friends the opportunity to share their message of thanks with the Marywood community.  It has since been renamed "Giving Thanks." The page features:

  • The ability for anyone to submit message through an easy-to-use form.
  • Upon approval, the messages were published on the page. 
  • Ability to flag the message as a "featured" message, which would make the message appear larger on the page.
  • Stylesheets assigned based on their affiliation to Marywood (Who Are You?). This allows for a colorful display that was easy to sort through.
  • Searchable messages that could also be filtered by Marywood affiliation.
  • Detail pages for each message where comments could be left.
  • "Related items" pulled on the detail page to make it easy to navigate from one message to another.
  • Random image placement throughout page to add visual interest.