Rachel Mizanty

Graduate Assistant
Immaculata 90

About Rachel:

Rachel is our Graduate Assistant in the Web Development office for the 2015-2016 academic year. She is studying for her Masters in Health Communication. She holds her B.A. in Digital Media from Marywood University.

Rachel enjoys taking her dog for walks, attempting to bake cakes, making silly video trailers, and binge read books. She enjoys social media and is always trying to learn new things with technology. 

Fun Facts: 

  • used to lifeguard at Marywood when the pool was in the HPE building
  • allergic to trees
  • loves writing stories (comedy mostly)
  • favorite season is fall
  • would live off sushi and Arizona raspberry iced tea if she could

Humans of Marywood

This is a website Rachel runs, where the "Humans of Marywood" are featured. 

Humans of Marywood Instagram

Humans of Marywood Facebook

Humans of Marywood Website

If you have someone you'd like to be featured on Humans of Marywood, please email Rach! --> rmizanty@m.marywood.edu