Architecture Student Laptop Program

Laptop Computer

The School of Architecture requires first-year architecture and interior architecture students to have a laptop computer, as specified below, for program coursework in their spring semester of first year.  Our laptop requirement ensures that students are suitably equipped with a flexible, portable means of computing in the classroom, dormitory and/or apartment, and in the studio to work on digital-based coursework.

Why a PC Laptop?

We have selected PC laptop computers rather than Macs because they best suit the University's PC-oriented computing platforms across the campus and because the majority of architectural offices are currently PC-based. The School's required Digital Media courses have all PC-based instruction.

Laptop Specification?

Students are required to have the minimum specification noted below.  Computers without these specifications will not be able to effectively run the software taught in courses or perform task required for design studio and other classes.

Minimum specifications:

  • 2.7 Ghz multi–Core CPU
  • 16+ GB RAM (Memory)
  • 512+ GB SSD
  • 4 GB Video RAM

The University Bookstore offers laptop computers that meet the School of Architecture specifications.