The Art Department Mission

The programs in Art are designed to help students attain full development as creative persons through the integration of art studies with the total concept of a liberal arts education. It is through the creative, aesthetic dimension of human intelligence that greatness in culture is born. The human person communicates this dimension through the process of art. The artist, in his/her quest for a common abstraction or “truth” in nature and in humanity, functions to challenge and set standards of excellence in all aspects of human endeavor.

Through critical awareness and understanding of the physical world and its relationship to social, ethical, and economic conditions, the art student begins this quest. Artistic (creative) potential lies, often dormant, within every person from any cultural background or educational exposure. Once released, this powerful communication form reveals each individual’s cohesive relationship to the world in all its diversity and enables the artist as a more “fully developed” person to foster quality in and respect for, life.

By virtue of its diversity art applauds differences as well as similarities. It is also through this dimension that spiritual insights, social awareness, and dedication to personal, responsible communication develop and are expressed. As an active participant in the mission and philosophy of Marywood University, the goals of the Department of Art include preparation of individuals experienced in diverse creative processes through the various art media.

Students are involved intensely in self-discovery, self-evaluation, artistic research (affective and cognitive), and professional presentation of products. As a result, the art student develops a sense of responsibility, empathy and professionalism, which then should be reflected, upon graduation, by commitment and involvement as a professional in the larger community. It is this growing sense of responsibility for quality communication, balanced with creativity that will enrich future generations.