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Good 50x70 Poster Exhibit

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The Marywood University Art Department hosted an exhibit of 200+ poster designs from Good 50x70, The Social Communication Project, 2009 edition. The posters cover seven critical issues affecting today's world:

  • climate change
  • healthcare deprivation
  • child labor
  • nuclear emergency
  • war on terror
  • women's rights violations in Africa


The posters were created to provide charities with a free database of tools for communication, to promote the value of social communication in the creative community and to inspire the public via graphic design. The poster exhibit is the result of an international contest juried by 15 renowned designers.

"I think that this edition of 50x70 proves, once again, that everywhere around the world the basic issues of our time are felt with intensity and determination to make a change for the better, and that responsible Design can help to achieve that goal."

Massimo Vignelli

Design students from Xeta Omicron and the CMYKlub helped hang the show under the direction of Christine Medley. The exhibit was sponsored by the Society of Design (, Marywood University and