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Marywood University Leaning Commons Centennial Wall Student Design Competition

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Marywood University Leaning Commons
CENTENNIAL WALL Student Design Competition:

Who is eligible to enter the competition:
• Current Undergraduate and Graduate students of the School of Architecture and the Insalaco College of Creative and Performing Arts
• Students can choose to participate either as an individual or in a group. Students can be involved in only one submission.

Download the entry form:

View the competition poster:


Presentation Requirements and Format:
• Submit one 22” wide x 17” presentation board which includes:

o a full elevation of the CENTENNIAL WALL at the scale 1/4” = 1’-0”
o a narrative describing your design concept (250 words or less)
o additional sketches and/or enlarged details that support your concept

• The submission must be comprised of high resolution photographs or 2D artwork that is easily converted into a half-tone or dot matrix for the perforated panels, or, easily converted into a screened image for the color panels
• Student names are not to be visible anywhere on the presentation board
• Copyrighted images are not allowed
• Enclose a copy of the entry form in an unmarked envelope that is affixed on the back face of your submission board
• Students are advised to keep a copy of their entries, as entries will not be returned
• Be prepared to submit a high resolution pdf if you are the winning submission

All questions should be directed to:
Maria MacDonald, Director, Interior Architecture Studies

Entries must be received by:
• Monday, November 3rd, 2014 at 5 p.m.
• Place your anonymous submission in the marked bin at the School of Architecture entry hall.