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Job Description

Library Services

Automated Library Technician & Serials Assistant (#303)

Summary of Duties

The Automated Library Technician & Serials Assistant reports to the University Librarian and serves as the primary technician of the library’s Automated Storage & Retrieval System, and assists in the creation, development, and implementation of policies and procedure for digital acquisitions, licensing, and accesses to the library’s electronic serials subscriptions.



Associate's Degree in Computer Science or a related field.

Work Experience Requirements


2+ years experience with mechanical systems.


Experience with accounts or electronic serials management.

Special Qualifications

  • Skilled in computer technology and hardware/software troubleshooting skills
  • Mechanically inclined
  • Proficiency in technical writing
  • File management

Essential Elements

  • Serves as the primary point of contact with Dematic Corporation, vendor of the Library's Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS).
  • Responsible for the daily addition to, removal from, modification of, and auditing of the ASRS inventory, either manually or via the electronic Integrated Library Management System (ILMS).
  • Performs daily, weekly, and monthly routine maintenance of the ASRS server through system updates, ensuring the operability of the server and related components.
  • Administers and manages Dematic's Equipment Management Services (EMS) Control Center software, troubleshooting software and related problems as needed.
  • Responsible for providing EMS Control Center access to library personnel as needed.
  • Performs integrity verification of EMS Control Center transaction log and system backups.
  • Works with library technical services personnel to facilitate the host interface connection between the ASRS and ILMS.
  • Works with the library technical services personnel to maintain the integrity and the accuracy of records between ASRS and ILMS.
  • Coordinates with maintenance personnel to replace ASRS parts as needed.
  • Answers questions from, and provides troubleshooting assistance for library personnel outside of normal work hours related to the ASRS as needed.
  • Returns to reset the ASRS to an operational state after emergency stops or errors on a when-needed basis.
  • Provides ASRS workflow training to library personnel.
  • Manages and disseminates documentation for the ASRS and related systems including circulation workflows.
  • Enables and maintains access to the library’s serials subscription digital resources.
  • Submit technical information, interacts with vendors, and tracks receipt of contracts and licensing information.
  • Corresponds with vendors and suppliers to ensure receipt and operability of electronic materials.
  • Notifies web units of newly implemented electronic publications and the means to access them.
  • Provides support for digital serials resources, including troubleshooting software problems.
  • Review, organizes and troubleshoots web-based serials resources including e-journals, databases, and applications.
  • Assists library personnel in the accuracy of serials holdings.
  • Creates and maintains computer files and statistics.
  • Participates in serials data migration and upgrades when necessary.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Documents

A completed Marywood application, resume, and names/contact information for three references.

Marywood University is committed to being an equitable and inclusive workplace, and we encourage applicants who share our vision to apply. EEO/AA employer.
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