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Paul Capoccia was recently named director of the new esports program at Marywood University. One of a select number of colleges and universities across the nation to offer a competitive esports program, Marywood is responding to the ever-increasing number of students seeking this option, as the esports industry continues to explode throughout the country.

Realizing that any coach or director who expects their student athletes to perform well must be experienced in the field, Paul has been fortunate to have worked in esports long enough and hard enough to have tried nearly everything in the esports field, including functioning as a player, coach, administrator, manager, tournament organizer, caster, producer, observer, social media/marketing director, event lead, collegiate consultant, content creator, curriculum creator and coordinator, and more.

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Esports @ Marywood

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As Marywood’s Director of Esports, Paul is responsible for launching and growing a competitive and exciting program. The esports program is housed in the athletics department at Marywood University and will be treated as an athletic team that is eligible for all the benefits of other traditional sports, including conferences, nutritionists, athletic trainers, team apparel, etc. Additionally, summer camps/conference experiences to assist with developing a healthy community of athletes will be available. The health and well-being of student esports athletes is as important as any other physical sport player.

Get ready to play three initial games, including Overwatch, League of Legends, and Rocket League.

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Our content will be streamed on on Marywood's page. These live matches will be produced and casted by virtual camera people and producers online.

State-of-the-art Esports Facility

A premier esports facility in Northeastern Pennsylvania, this 2,000 square foot center blends function and practicality into an exciting state-of-the-art gaming center. Aside from the 30 gaming stations, this high-tech facility will have additional ultra-modern lighting, chairs, a gaming lounge, and equipment. Marywood’s new esports facility will incorporate function at its highest level first and also feature an energizing environment where students can interact and be supported. Visiting students and those competing will have a powerful experience.

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Get Fit for Esports

Marywood's Center for Athletics and Wellness offers extensive modern facilities for fitness, recreation, and athletic opportunities, including a premier fitness center, a climbing wall, Aquatic Center, an elevated running track, a dance/aerobic studio, an arena to showcase Pacer Sports, and high tech athletic training areas. With 22 NCAA Division III Varsity Sports and a newly launched Esports Program, Marywood’s outdoor athletic facilities are as impressive as its indoor facilities including six tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, and basketball courts. The baseball and softball fields are some of the finest in the region, and Marywood offers a multipurpose natural grass field, as well as a synthetic turf field with lighting for evening events.

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You're ready. You want to start now. You want to set records.

At Marywood, you can rule at the gaming station and in the classroom. Our student-athletes succeed, athletically and academically, and we have the record to prove it. Pacers never stop!


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