Policy Format


A standard, yet flexible, policy format has been adopted at Marywood University to ensure consistency from one policy to another.  Originators of proposals are encouraged to use the format as a guide when drafting the text for policies.

Policy Statement

The statement is a well-articulated, authoritative expression of administrative philosophy and direction.  With approval of the President of the University, it is the current University policy.


Unique terms, by being defined, add to the reader's understanding of the policy.


Statements of specific actions to be taken provide for orderly implementation of the extablished policy.

Related Policies

References to other statements in the Marywood University Policies and Procedures Manual provide a clearer understanding of the policy.  An attempt is made to list other policies that are most closely related, not to capture the most complete listing of all references in the Manual to the subject of the policy.

Related Committees

References to related University Standing Committees provide added information about the implementation of the policy.


An audit trail provides for efficient research.  While one cannot hope to capure a history of all activity relating to the development, approval, and dissemination of a policy, a record in one place of the main events that created the current statement is a valuable tool.

Specific terms are used advisedly in the descriptions of the events.

Approved establishes the first date of the policy's existence and promotes the basic principle that the policy is created only by the Board of Trustees or the President of the University.

Reaffirmed is used to document review and approval without any change to the text.

Revised is used to document an action resulting in an approved change to the text.