Campus Parking


All parking lots require a permit to park, unless designated as Visitor. Parking permits will be issued in advance for those attending events or programs coordinated by Conference & Events Services or the Lifelong Learning Institute.

  • A. Admissions (Conway Circle - Arch Loop): Admissions Parking Only
  • B. Center for Athletics and Wellness: 235 General Parking (no residents)
  • C. Immaculata Hall Front: President's Guests Only
  • D. LAC Lot (Rear): 49 Faculty/Admin (11 reserved)
  • E. McGowan Center: approx. 170 General parking spaces, 80 Woodland Resident spaces
  • F. McGowan Side Lot: Faculty only
  • G. Nazareth Large Lot: 151 Commuter spaces
  • H. Nazareth Small Lot: 84 Commuter spaces
  • I. PAC Main Lot: 15 Faculty, 77 Staff spaces
  • J. PAC Rear (Dimmick Court): 21 Faculty spaces
  • K. Softball Field: Staff Only (approx 20 spaces)
  • L. Softball Lower Lot: Residents Only (101 spaces)
  • M. Softball Upper Lot: Residents Only (69 spaces)
  • N. Swartz Center Lot: Swartz Center Visitors/Staff Only (2 hr. limit)
  • O. Tennis Courts/Maintenance Lot: 52 Staff spaces
  • P. University Avenue Hill: 32 Staff spaces
  • Q. Veterans Resource Center: Veterans Center Guests/Staff
  • R. Visual Arts Lower Lot (Pit): 202 Commuter spaces
  • S. Visual Arts Upper Lot: 41 Faculty, 49 Staff spaces