Advance Deposit

The advance deposit is payable at the time a person accepts admission to the University as a matriculating student. The deposit is forfeited by an applicant who makes a reservation to study at the University and does not attend within two years. In addition, advance deposits for graduate programs will be forfeited if attendance is not made within one year.

The undergraduate advance deposit is $200.00 to be held on account to be refunded after graduation or withdrawal from the University, if all financial obligations have been met. If a fall semester resident fails to notify the Housing and Residence Life Office of the intent not to return for the spring semester by December 1, the deposit is forfeited. If a current resident reserves a room for the fall semester and fails to notify the Housing and Residence Life Office by June 30 of the intent not to return for the fall semester, the deposit is also forfeited. Students must apply and be approved to be released from their Housing Agreement at the Housing and Residence Life Office.

The advance deposit of $500.00 for all graduate programs is automatically applied against the first semester's charges.

International students (who require an I-20 form to study in the United States) are required to send to Marywood a $1,100.00 advance deposit when accepted for study at the University. One half of the deposit may be used toward the expenses of the student's first semester at the University, and one half is held on account toward his/her final semester's expenses at the University. If a student's application for a visa is rejected by the U.S. Embassy, he/she may apply for a refund of his/her advance deposit (less a $100 service charge) by sending to the Marywood Cashier's Office a letter certified by the U.S. Embassy regarding this matter and accompanied by the I-20 form. Marywood University should receive this information four weeks prior to the start of classes. The deposit is forfeited if the applicant does not attend within one year.

Student Activity Fee

Undergraduate students registered for four (4) credits, but less than 12 credits per semester, pay a $75.00 Student Activities Fee per semester for the fall and spring semesters. Undergraduate students registered for 12 or more credits per semester pay a $125.00 Student Activities Fee per semester for the fall and spring semesters. This fee is directly allocated to the Undergraduate Student Government Association, which, in turn, provides all students the following: weekly and weekend programming; funds for the student newspaper; allocations to various student clubs and organizations, including the commuter and resident committees; and the production of a major concert. The Student Activities Fee is charged to cover the costs of these activities that are over and above the costs of student activities funded by the General Fee. Graduate students registered for one or more credits pay a $20.00 student activities fee per semester. This fee covers the cost of guest speakers and special programs enhancing graduate student education.

General Fee

Students registered for four (4) credits, but less than 12 credits per semester, pay a $375.00 per semester General Fee for fall and spring semesters. Students registered for 12 or more credits per semester pay a $750.00 per semester General Fee for fall and spring semesters. The General Fee represents a number of benefits, such as use of the Student Center, Career Services, Student Health Office, Counseling/Student Development Services, national and university testing programs, use of the Library and Instructional Technology Services, Academic Computing Center, student activities, student organization membership, registration fees for the fall and spring semesters, and recreational facilities. Full-time students who pay the $1,500.00 General Fee per year become members of the Student Recreation Association. Part-time students who pay the $750.00 General Fee per year are entitled to receive a Student Recreation Association membership at the reduced student rate.

New Student Matriculation (Orientation) Fee

The New Student Matriculation Fee of $250.00 will be included on the fall invoice of new, incoming students, regardless of whether or not the student attends the New Student Orientation. This non-refundable fee covers all Orientation activities and meals for students only. This fee also covers the Fall Orientation activities required for all new students.

Room and Board Charges

Residence in a particular residence hall is subject to availability. A security deposit/advance deposit is required of all resident students. Further information about the deposit requirements are available from the Office of Housing and Residence Life by e-mailing

Room (per year)
Woodland Residence I $8,303.00
Woodland Residence II $8,846.00
Bethany, Emmanuel, Immaculata, McCarty, Perpetual Help, and Regina:
Multiple occupancy $7,519.00
Single occupancy $9,116.00
Loughran and Madonna Halls:
Multiple occupancy $7,822.00
Single occupancy $9,578.00
Board (per year-required for residents other than Woodland Apartments)
24 Meal per Week Traditional with $100 Plan Points $6,078.00
19 Meals per Week Traditional with $200 Plan Points $6,078.00
15 Meals per Week Traditional with $300 Plan Points $6,078.00
185-Block Meal Plan $5,789.00
150-Block Meal Plan $4,736.00
(The following meal plans are not available to Loughran, Madonna, or Regina residents.)
100-Block Meal Plan with $100 plan points $3,000.00
50-Block Meal Plan with $50 plan points $1,500.00
25-Block Meal Plan with $25 plan points $750.00
The following meal plan is available to Commuter students at Nazareth Dining Hall only:
60-Block Meals per semester $1,200.00

Annual Room Reservation Deposit

An Annual Room Reservation Deposit of $300.00 is required each spring for students planning to live on campus the following fall*. The deposit may be applied to the fall room and board charges. Once a Housing & Dining Agreement has been signed, the student is committed to the terms of the housing agreement for the entire academic year. See Housing & Dining Agreement for more information regarding applications for release. Eligibility is determined by the criteria in the housing agreement. Incoming students are not required to have the $300.00 deposit for the fall. *ALL ROOM RESERVATION DEPOSITS MUST BE MADE AT THE CASHIER'S OFFICE.

Music Lessons and Special Fees

Private lessons are given for academic credit. The fee is $395.00 per semester for half-hour lessons or $790.00 per semester for one-hour lessons, in addition to the cost of tuition. For music majors, these fees may range from $790.00 to $1,580.00 per semester, in addition to the tuition charge for each academic credit.

Specific areas of concentration and courses requiring special materials, equipment, or services may carry course fees (in addition to tuition) from $5 and up. Clinical Nursing courses, which ordinarily begin in the spring semester of the sophomore year, carry course fees ranging from $75 to $350 and up (in addition to tuition) per course.

Summer school and special workshop fees are listed in separate bulletins.

The University reserves the right to adjust fees when necessary.


Deferred Payment Fee

The $40.00 Deferred Payment Fee will be assessed on the student's account if the balance owed (after pending aid and /or loans are deducted) is not paid by the due date.