History: The Mural of Christian Education

mural of Christian Education

The last of the dome paintings represents Christian Education. The symbol of Christian Education, a young woman, is seated in the center holding a cross and surrounded by religious emblems. The setting behind and to the right - the ocean, the ship, the flag, portray America where everyone enjoys religious freedom. On the left, the principal arts and sciences are depicted by figures and emblems showing their expansion in the prosperity and liberty of our great nation. Overhead in the background, Progress, a winged horse driven by a cherub, holds the flaming torch of genius. Other cherubs in the lower part of this panel are decorating and entwining flowers that stand for the various nations and nationalities that are to be found in America.

A remarkable color blending gives an enthralling interest to this mural. A fertile, easy, intimate style, an open reach of sky and land, a wealth of detail and classical allusion make it one of the most effective and beautiful of the murals, symbolizing and synthesizing the religious and secular aims of the college.

In the medallion is Pope Leo XIII.