History: The Mural of Justice and Chastity

justice and chastity

In the panel portrayal of Justice and Chastity, Justice, the central figure holds her scales of judgment, while to the left are dark waters in which an iniquitous figure struggles vigorously but in vain. To the right are tablets of stone on which are inscribed the Ten Commandments, beside which is Chastity holding lilies, the gleaming emblems of purity, while an angel crowns her with a lily wreath.

Beside the sword and scales which are the emblems of Justice, the figure is embraced by that of Peace, holding an olive branch. She is looking on the Ten Commandments, held by a third figure in the group. A cherub near Chastity holds a bridle, the symbol of restraint. The angelic figures in this mural are full of lightness and grace, an especially airy conception. Exquisite harmony of coloring and delicacy of characterization dominate this mural. Pope Pius IX is in the accompanying medallion.