History: The Patronal Mural - The Immaculate Heart of Mary

patronal mural

The first in emotional and spiritual appeal of the pictures painted about the central symbol, is that which portrays the Immaculate Heart of Mary, patroness of the Community, represented by the figure of the Blessed Virgin in glory pointing to Her Immaculate Heart as She is borne by angels and cherubs. Inscriptions and emblems of the Blessed Virgin are worked into the group. Painted beneath is Sr. Alphonsus whose rules are observed in the Congregation. Beside him is the vulnerable figure of Father Louis Gillet introducing the religious institute founded by him and represented in the mural by the kneeling figure of a Sister, Servant of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This painting is framed by a frieze in colors on a lapis lazuli background with gold, making the tone richer, symbolizing the color of the mantle of the Blessed Virgin and giving the charm of simplicity and contrast to the picture.

The entire coloring gives an effect of freshness and sweetness while there is a delightful exaltation and benignity apparent in the figure of our Blessed Lady as she extends her hand in reception and approval of those instrumental in founding her new Sisterhood of the Immaculate Heart. The cherubs in the picture are a charming creation. Skillfully grouped are the two bands attending our Lady, conveying ideas of the spiritual beauties and harmonies inherent in her sublimity. The cherub at the foot of our Lady's throne holds a basket of lilies; one of the left bears the shield and scroll of the title of the Community, while two cherubs on the right hold the mitre and pastoral staff of St. Alphonsus Ligouri. In the medallion below the mural is our Holy Father, Pope Pius XI, his hand raised in blessing.